Digital + Business = More Innovation.

Join the digital businesses that are 168% more likely to innovate faster. MicroBoss suite of services in process automation, web solutions, connectivity, cloud and security solutions help you transform now.


Where Digital Business Gets to Work.

MicroBoss Technologies can help you modernize IT and transform business, providing a platform to boost innovation and deliver new digital services.

Accelerate your path to digital business.

Align your IT objectives with your business strategy. Technology Strategy Sessions range from 1-4 hours to multi-day workshops and are based on our experience working with leading companies around the world.

Adaptive Networking

Improve your connections with cloud-like flexibility, built-in automation, adaptable management and integrated security.

80,000+ devices are controlled by our software-defined network

IT Agility & Hybrid Cloud

Deliver applications faster and increase business responsiveness to meet customer needs. 200+ public and private data centers directly accessible from the MicroBoss network

Connected Security

See—and stop—more with our thorough approach to network security and gain real-time threat intelligence and automated response. 1M+ security events are monitored daily

Voice & Unified Communications

Empower your global workforce and transform your business with our solutions that range from traditional landlines to fully managed UC&C services.

Managed & IT Consulting Services

Leverage our experienced technical specialists and advisors to maximize your IT and grow your business.

37% of companies using a managed services provider increased their network speed and reduced their costs