E-mail is a critical mechanism for business communications at MicroBoss. However, use of MicroBoss’s electronic mail systems and services are a privilege, not a right, and therefore must be used with respect and in accordance with the goals of MicroBoss.


E-mail users are expected to remember that e-mail sent from the company’s e-mail accounts reflects on the company. Please comply with normal standards of professional and personal courtesy and conduct.

Appropriate Use

Individuals at MicroBoss are encouraged to use e-mail to further the goals and objectives of MicroBoss. The types of activities that are encouraged include:

  • Communicating with fellow employees, business partners of MicroBoss, and clients within the context of an individual’s assigned responsibilities.
  • Acquiring or sharing information necessary or related to the performance of an individual’s assigned responsibilities.
  • Participating in educational or professional development activities.

Inappropriate Use

MicroBoss’s e-mail systems and services are not to be used for purposes that could be reasonably expected to strain storage or bandwidth (e.g. e-mailing large attachments instead of pointing to a location on a shared drive). Individual e-mail use will not interfere with others’ use and enjoyment of MicroBoss’s e-mail system and services. E-mail use at MicroBoss will comply with all applicable laws, all MicroBoss policies, and all MicroBoss contracts.

The following activities are deemed inappropriate uses of MicroBoss e-mail systems and services, and are strictly prohibited:

  • Use of e-mail for illegal or unlawful purposes, including copyright infringement, obscenity, libel, slander, fraud, defamation, plagiarism, harassment, intimidation, forgery, impersonation, soliciting for illegal pyramid schemes, and computer tampering (e.g. spreading of computer viruses).
  • Use of e-mail in any way that violates MicroBoss’s policies, rules, or administrative orders, including, but not limited to, soliciting for jobs, kickbacks or receiving and accessing pornographic materials, botnets, spam, malicious and other infectious media that could spread through the entire network.
  • Viewing, copying, altering, or deletion of e-mail accounts or files belonging to MicroBoss or another individual without authorized permission.
  • Sending of unreasonably large e-mail attachments. The total size of an individual e-mail message sent (including attachment) should be 20Mb in size or less.
  • Opening e-mail attachments from unknown or unsigned sources. Attachments are the primary source of computer viruses and should be treated with utmost caution.
  • Sharing e-mail account passwords with another person and staff, or attempting to obtain another person’s e-mail account password. E-mail accounts are only to be used by the registered user through the span of your entire service at MicroBoss.
  • Excessive personal use of MicroBoss e-mail resources. MicroBoss allows limited personal use for communication with family and friends, independent learning, and public service so long as it does not interfere with staff productivity, pre-empt any business activity, or consume more than a trivial amount of resources. MicroBoss prohibits personal use of its e-mail systems and services for unsolicited mass mailings, non-MicroBoss commercial activity, political campaigning, dissemination of chain letters, and use by non-employees.

MicroBoss totally prohibits the use of its email resources by non-employees nor do we encourage exposure of account contents to third parties including family and wards. Staff caught in the practice would be made to face sever disciplinary

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