MicroBoss Control offers the most open building automation platform available with emphasis on interoperability. We ensure that options exist for integrating to a wide variety of existing hardware and equipment’s, thus allowing for extendable features and modifications to your system. MicroBoss Controls employs strict interpretation Standard and we pride ourselves on how well our solutions communicate with other systems. In partnership with Intel® Security,

we protect your systems and data from the edge of your network, to the Cloud, and back to you. Advanced connectivity brings advanced security needs. You can be rest assured that your system is protected with the latest features and best practices from world-class technology leaders. Our open system approach makes adding new locations a transparent and painless process. With reasonable licensing fees, you are in control of your data, your buildings, and your budget. Whether you need to control a single building or a portfolio of distributed properties, MicroBoss solutions seamlessly scale to meet your needs.